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On Packaging


We've become so accustomed to all sorts of plastic packaging, that we don't see it as a problem. Have you noticed that your dry waste bin is always overflowing compared to your wet waste bin?
That should tell you something.


"Large corporations are to blame."
Yes, large companies are guilty. There's no denying the negative impact their packaging has had on our environment. But we, as consumers, perpetuate the cycle by going back to the same product with the same packaging without looking for cleaner and safer alternatives.
Because it's convenient.


- Start by saving and reusing your dry packaging materials at home.
- Take pictures and send them to large companies and e-commerce sites that use excessive packaging. Create awareness and accountability.
- Shop consciously from brands that use eco-friendly packaging and/or less packaging.
- Shop local. Carry your own bags and containers to your local grocer or store.

"Tiny drops do make a mighty ocean."
#startsmall #butstart


It's not easy to go completely plastic-free with packaging. We understand that because we struggle with it, too. But we are reusing packaging by-products wisely, reducing waste for people down the line and trying to switch to many eco-conscious alternatives to overcome this packaging excess we're drowning in.
It's not perfect, but it's a start.


BOXES: We use cardboard boxes with fabric handles to package our kits. We even have a "reuse this box" sticker inside each kit to encourage customers to do just that!
CREATING AWARENESS: We also ask our suppliers to wrap their products up in butter paper or newspaper instead of plastic and many do oblige!
FILLERS: We either use zero fillers or only house-made fillers churned out by our trusty shredding machine. We shred packaging scraps from our suppliers to make these fillers! (Watch Master Shredder at work here.)
EXTERNAL PACKAGING: We use paper sleeves 90% of the time for our outer packaging and ethical paper or paper scraps to print our shipping labels.

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