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On Sustainability


At its core, the word means "the ability to be maintained at a certain rate orΒ level."
Our responsibility in this context would be to actively and consciously behave in ways which allow us to maintain our resources and ensure an ecological balance that helps our planet not just 'survive' but FLOURISH.


"Sustainable practices are hard!"
The easy response is "NO".
It's merely inconvenient because of the way our consumer markets have developed.
A lot of the products we use in our everyday life are mass produced, mostly with plastic that makes them cheaper, more accessible - Β hence easy to repurchase.This perpetuates the buying cycle.
So if you think sustainability is hard, dig a bit deeper to understand 'why' and YOU can work towards breaking the cycle.


The answer is simple: Transition in BABY STEPS!
You don't have to become a full-fledged eco-warrior overnight. Take small but conscious steps. Start by using what you already own - plastic or not, to its full potential. That's a key part of sustainability.
"Waste not, want not" is the mantra to live by.
After that it's smooth sailing. When it's time to buy something - household things, grooming products, clothing, gifting, look for organic, sustainable alternatives.


Yes! We at Kitster are learning how to transition, just like you!
Our key curaton ideology is to make kits that are conscious and serve a purpose beyond looks, thus conveying the sustainable culture of practicing functionality
We always try to source locally, minimise packaging, reduce fillers and encourage everyone to reuse the kit box.
We're also very proud to announce that we're transitioning to 100% plastic-free packaging!
We do have a few kits which contain some amount of plastic that we are actively trying to find good sustainable alternatives for.

We have a sustainable range of kits (Sustainable Living Starter Kit, mini Sustainability Kit and a Natural Grooming Kit) and single products (bamboo toothbrushes, seed pens, beeswax wraps) as part of our product line to help you get started on your eco-journey!
These are all available for purchase on
Let us know of other sustainable kits you feel are needed and we will work on making it happen.

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