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Kitster is a Bangalore-based functional gifting brand that started in December 2019.

Being a small women-led company, we did what most budding entrepreneurs do. We had an itch, so quit our corporate jobs and sat at home for a few months waiting for that Eureka moment to strike. And when it did, the itch disappeared and Kitster was born!

We’ve always had a great appreciation for beautiful, functional products in the market and an affinity for being creative and well-organized. So, we knew that whatever we started would be a combination of these elements.
That’s when we stumbled upon the idea of doing something fun, meaningful and functional inside a kit. We realized that for people to try something new – either a new way of life, a new product or service or pick up a new habit – it might be great to present them with that concept by way of a meaningful and compact kit.

Functional gifting is a relatively new concept. When you say gift or gift box, most of us are used to something gilded with a rich and luxurious feel without realizing that there is more meaning and beauty in something handmade, natural, rustic and functional.

And this is the essence of what we at Kitster are trying to convey via our kits.

Every kit is made with heart and soul and we want each recipient to feel that when he or she opens a Kitster kit. We’re sure our kits are bursting with tangible and visual treats but we also want them to pack an emotional punch. 

The biggest positive influences in our lives are our families – they have inculcated many things in us and continue to influence and inspire us every day. We are also inspired by – our planet, beautiful art, craft, writing, design, unique & functional products and the tiny little problems we face every day.

 “K” marks the spot! Our journey has started and has already been filled with so much excitement. We have tons of ideas bubbling away and wouldn’t want to do anything else! (For the time being…)