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Planter Painting Craft Kit
Planter Painting Craft Kit
Planter Painting Craft Kit
Planter Painting Craft Kit

Planter Painting Craft Kit

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Want to spruce up your balcony garden or give your indoor tabletop plant a new home?
Unleash your artistic flair 
using supplies from this fun little craft kit.
Paint and design your own terracotta planter pot today!

Your Kit Includes:

1 - Terracotta cup & saucer (3.5” height)
1 - White acrylic paint pot (20 ml)
2 - Paint pots - assorted colors (10ml each)
1 - Pack of 6 in 1 assorted colour paints
1 - Palette 
1 - 0.5" brush
1 - Fine liner brush
1 - Sponge
2 - Cotton buds

Items you'll need to source:
Newspaper, Cloth rag, Water, Varnish (recommended to preserve paint)

Check images section alongside for instructions.

1. Fill a smaller planter with 2/3rds cocopeat.
2. Make an indent with your thumb in the middle of the pot and place your seed/seedling/cutting of choice.
3. Pat cocopeat over the root and add water.

Remember the cup is only 3.5" in height so keep the average size of the full grown plant in mind. We recommend foliage plants like succulents, fittonias, peperomias or perennial flowering plants like marigold, impatiens and vincas.

Et voilà! You're ready for your fabulous craf-tea party!

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