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Handbag Organizer Kit
Handbag Organizer Kit
Handbag Organizer Kit

Handbag Organizer Kit

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A kit that demystifies the art of preparedness 
so that every girl can take on 
whatever the world throws at her.

Your Kit Includes:

1 - HANDBAG ORGANIZER - Switch bags with ease with all your essentials in place in this well-crafted handbag organizer.

Dimensions: length 11.2" x height 7.3" x width 2.75"

 - For some insightful jotting
1 - SEED PEN - Plant the stub of the pen into the earth and watch a plant grow!
1 - HAND SANITIZER SPRAY - Keep those cooties away
1 - MOSQUITO REPELLENT - Bloodsuckers abound so keep yourself safe!
1 - CLOTH POUCH - Recycled cloth pouch to carry or store little things
2 - PANTY LINERS - Made with organic cotton and bamboo fibre
2 - NEWSPAPER SLEEVES - Eco-friendly way of disposing sanitary waste
1 - FACIAL TISSUES PACK - To blot the sweat and grime away
1 - (4 in 1 set) MINI ARSENAL - Safety Pins,  Band-Aid, Alcohol Swabs, Emery Board - ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES
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