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Hangover Kit
Hangover Kit

Hangover Kit

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Can't enjoy your weekend 'cause you're worrying about Hangover Monday?
Well, banish that fear 'cause 
Kitster's Hangover Kit is here!

Read our step by step instructions below for MAXIMUM relief.



Step 1: Pop 1 Party Smart before all the debauchery begins
Step 2: If you forget, drink the Morning Fresh at the end of the night before you pass out
Step 3: Place the eye-mask in your fridge. You're definitely gonna need it in the morning
Step 4: Put the mouth freshener strips in your coat pocket or handbag before you step out
Step 5: Do the same with the condom. The name of this kit is "I Regret Nothing", so make sure there's nothing to regret!


Step 1: Headache and giddiness? Pop 1 antacid in drinking water. And drink!
Step 2: Head still throbbing? Try to eat the Chocolate Protein Bar and then take 1 painkiller
Step 3: Drink some H2O
Step 4: Still feeling sick? Place the eye-mask around your racoon-eyes
Step 5: Add a little Vicks to the sides of your forehead and try to lie down for 30 minutes
Step 6: Drink more H2O
Step 7: You should feel well enough to stand upright without leaning on your pet for support
Step 8: If you can't, pop a Phantom cigarette in your mouth (Rajini-style) and act cool :-)
Step 9: If everything fails, start a journal, document EVERYTHING, so you NEVER do this again!
Step 10: And IF you do, you know where to find another one of these kits!

2 COMPLIMENTARY TEA SACHETS - Just because we feel for you...

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