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The Sustainable Living Starter Kit
A bamboo fork and spoon set to be used as personal cutlery.
A sisal fibre cleaning brush for the bamboo straw next to it.
The Sustainable Living Starter Kit
The Sustainable Living Starter Kit
A round natural soap that is beige in color and has Mountain Herbs stamped on it
Two bamboo toothbrushes lying next to leaves.
Beautiful green beeswax wraps inside its brown casing.
The Sustainable Living Starter Kit

The Sustainable Living Starter Kit

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All your daily basics with an eco-twist: 
bamboo toothbrushes, seed pens, beeswax wraps and more! 

Your Kit Includes:

1 - SEED NOTEBOOK - A 40-page Kitster-design plantable notebook with a seed-infused outer cover
2 - SEED PENS - After use, plant the stubs of these pens into the earth and watch plants grow!
1 - BAMBOO FORK & SPOON - Intricately made by hand in Kalimpong, West Bengal. Use the pair to toss salads or scoop up jams and pickles!
1 - BAMBOO STRAW - A biodegradable, chemical-free bamboo straw from India

- Sterilize in boiling water for 5 minutes and allow to air-dry before first use
- Clean and dry straw after every use

1 - SISAL CLEANING BRUSH - This all-natural cleaning brush is perfect for your organic bamboo straw!
1 - HANDMADE SOAP - Infused with natural oils, flowers and herbs native to India
2 - BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHES - With charcoal-infused bristles and a 100% biodegradable stem
1 - (pack) BEESWAX WRAPS - Switch to these beautiful and reusable food wraps. Goodbye, plastic wrap!

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