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The Love Box
The Love Box
The Love Box
The Love Box

The Love Box

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Don't wait for a special day to celebrate yourselves and your relationship.
Ignite that fire today with this super romantic kit from Kitster!

Your Kit Includes:

1 - PLAYLIST - Scan the QR code down below for some mood music to get things going
1 - SCENTED CANDLE - Turn the lights OFF and turn your partner ON with this chocolate-scented candle.
2 - (pack) MINT STRIPS - Hurry! Freshen your breath before all the fun starts 
1 - LOVE DICE - Start a little game - It's gonna go from 0 to Naughty very soon!
Tip: Place the dice near a light source first for it to glow in the dark!
1 - (pack) CONDOMS - We've thrown in a mini pack - just in case 
2 - (sets) INTIMATE WIPES & 1 (pack) TISSUES - Keep yourselves fresh and clean
3 - PAPER SLEEVES - Safely dispose all items with traces of your DNA in it :-)
5 - LOVE COUPONS - Use them especially on days when you need to score some brownie points
1 - (pack) CHOCOLATE - 'Cause we all need chocolate!

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