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Parent's SOS Kit

Parent's SOS Kit

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(FREE Kid's Mask included)

Parents, we've taken the stress out of planning and prepping bags for your kid/s. 
ALL the essentials you would need for your kid/s while on the go inside this Parent's SOS Kit.

Your Kit Includes:

1 HAND SANITIZER - Alcohol-free sanitizer to keep your kids safe from cooties 
1 - (pack) FACIAL TISSUES - Always handy with kids around
1 - (set) ALCOHOL SWABS & BANDAIDS - Use the swabs to clean up that boo-boo before you put on the band-aid. 
1 - (bunch) SAFETY PINS - Always handy for those inevitable wardrobe emergencies
1 - MOSQUITO REPELLENT - Keep the family safe with this DEET-free repellent
1 - EMERY BOARD - Just the thing for filing down your child’s nails (or yours) without causing nails to flake or weaken
2 - TOILET SEAT COVERS - Carry this hygienic toilet seat cover to protect your lil' ones tushies in times of need
1 - (pack) WET WIPES - Soothing wipes infused with almond and aloe that help prevent infections
1 - BAMBOO STRAW - Use this reusable straw while quenching your child’s thirst 
1 - (brand of) CANDY & CHOCOLATE - Quick pick-me-ups for your lil' ones
1 - CANVAS POUCH - Keep your parenting SOS essentials in this roomy, durable and eco-friendly canvas pouch.

COMPLIMENTARY SKETCHPAD AND PENCIL - We've added this so that your child's imagination always has a place to manifest

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